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Sponsored by Zoetis

Sponsored By Zoetis

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PROHEALTH to Present Sustainable Solutions for Broiler Health at VIV Europe 2018

Workshop to Highlight Poultry Disease Management Research From EU-funded Animal Health Project

Smart ideas for sustainable poultry disease management will be featured in a special PROHEALTH workshop at VIV Europe 2018, to be held June 20-22 in Utrecht, Netherlands.

Featuring talks from a host of leading poultry scientists and experts from across Europe, the PROHEALTH workshop, which will take place June 21, will focus on major health and welfare issues in conventional broiler production as the industry comes under pressure to produce more with less.

Çağla Yüksel Kaya Kuyululu of the European Forum of Farm Animal Breeders — one of 22 organizations participating in the EU-funded PROHEALTH project — said the workshop will share key project findings on timely poultry health subjects, ranging from disease management and risk factors, to antibiotics use and economics.

“The focus for this year’s VIV Europe is about finding smarter ways to drive more sustainable, efficient and profitable protein production — a quest that is at the very heart of the PROHEALTH project,” she said.

“With diseases such as coccidiosis costing the global poultry industry huge sums of money every year, taking a closer look at identifying and managing bird health more effectively is key to driving the sector’s long-term sustainability.”

Speaker lineup

At the workshop, conference delegates will get the chance to hear from PROHEALTH coordinator Illias Kyriazakis of Newcastle University, who will share his thoughts on the sustainable control of poultry production diseases, and Tommy Van Limbergen of University of Ghent, who will discuss disease risk factors.

Other speakers will include Nottingham University’s Neil Foster, who will share developments in diagnosing necrotic enteritis and coccidiosis in broilers, and Jens Peter Christensen from the University of Copenhagen, who will discuss the role of broiler breeders in E. coli infections.

Ivan Rychlik of the Veterinary Research Institute in Czech Republic will share research on using probiotics to reduce antibiotics use, while Jarkko Niemi of Luke (Natural Resources Institute Finland) will discuss the economic and social impacts of poultry diseases.

The poultry health workshop at VIV Europe is part of the PROHEALTH project’s commitment to sharing best practices for managing health and welfare in increasingly intensive poultry and pig production systems across Europe. Funded by the EU, the five-year project aims to explore how pig and poultry diseases develop, understand their impact on animal health and welfare, and find ways to help producers limit disease risk.

Key information

  • Access to VIV Europe 2018 is free after registration. Register here for the exhibition.
  • The PROHEALTH workshop is open to all registered VIV Europe delegates and will take place 13:30-18:00 on Thursday 21 June in room Juliana sub 2. This room is on the second floor above hall 5. For more information and to view the full workshop programme, click
  • To access the free networking drinks following the workshop, please let us know if you will attend.
  • Please also feel free to visit the PROHEALTH booth (11B047).



The PROHEALTH project aims to advance the understanding of poultry and swine diseases in intensive production systems, while providing effective strategies for reducing their impact on animal health and welfare. The largest European animal health project ever funded, the PROHEALTH project is a collaboration of 22 academic, institutional and industry partners from throughout Europe. For more information, please visit http://www.fp7-prohealth.eu/.



Posted on June 18, 2018

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