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PHT News Desk at 2017 IPPE


Poultry Health Today lines up video interviews with more than 30 poultry experts at IPPE

ATLANTA, Jan. 30, 2017 — More than 30 poultry-health experts and trend watchers will be interviewed on camera over the next three days as part of Poultry Health Today’s news coverage of the 2017 International Production & Processing Expo, International Poultry Scientific Forum and the Southern Conference on Avian Diseases.

Poultry Health Today will tackle a wide range of topics with top opinion leaders, including independent poultry veterinarians John Smith, DVM; Guillermo Zavala, DVM; Charles Hofacre, DVM, Nancy Reimers, DVM; and Suzanne Dougherty; DVM.

Oher specialists visiting with Poultry Health Today include Steve Davis, DVM, Colorado Quality Research; Greg Mathis, PhD, Southern Poultry Research; Ashley Peterson, PhD, National Chicken Council; David Edwards, PhD, FDA; Naola Ferguson-Noel, DVM, University of Georgia; Robert Beckstead, PhD, North Carolina State University; Don Ritter, DVM, Mountaire Farms; Phil Stayer, DVM, Sanderson Farms; Mark Jackwood, PhD, University of Georgia; Daral Jackwood, PhD, Ohio State University; and many more.

The informative conversations will be posted to Poultry Health Today’s colorful website and its mobile app, available through the App Store and Google Play, over the new few days and weeks.

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