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Options for Salmonella control in live poultry production
By Steven C. Ricke, PhD Professor, University of Arkansas Director, Center for Food Safety, Institute of Food Science and Engineering University of Arkansas
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Infectious bronchitis: The ‘eye of the storm’ for chicken health
Ask any poultry producer in the world about the most economically important disease of broilers, breeders or layers. Infectious bronchitis (IB) is almost always the...
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Air quality affects S. Heidelberg colonization in broilers
Improving air quality in broiler houses may be an important way to reduce colonization of S. Heidelberg, according to the results of a study presented at the 2017...
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Symposium to focus on poultry veterinarian’s role in shaping public policy, government regulations, consumer perceptions
Today’s poultry veterinarians are being asked to do more than ensure flock health and welfare. They’re also lending their expertise to public policy discussions...
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The case for built-up litter in US broiler complexes
By John A. Smith, DVM, MS, MAM Alectryon, LLC Baldwin, GA -- Built-up litter isn't necessarily negative. In fact, it may have multiple benefits...
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Both organic, conventional processing reduce Campylobacter on carcasses
Both conventional and organic processing methods reduced Campylobacter on broiler carcasses in a recent study by Purdue University. Matthew Bailey, a grad student at...
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The case for built-up litter in US broiler complexes
By John A. Smith, DVM, MS, MAM Alectryon, LLC Baldwin, GA -- Built-up litter isn't necessarily negative. In fact, it may have multiple benefits...
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Hatchery expert offers tips for fighting bacteria, improving biosecurity
With more US poultry companies reducing or eliminating antibiotic use in the hatchery, poultry companies need to make an even greater effort to guard against costly...
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IBDV: Management obstacles and options
By Daral J. Jackwood, PhD Professor, Department of Veterinary Preventive Medicine Food Animal Health Research Program Ohio Agricultural Research and Development...
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What’s causing ‘woody breast’ in poultry?
A condition known as “woody breast” is puzzling US poultry scientists investigating why breast-muscle tissue from some broiler flocks is hard and tough instead of...
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The case for ionophores: How they’re different from other antibiotics — and why it matters
Unlike other classes of antibiotics, ionophores are not considered important to human health by top public health and regulatory agencies.
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Despite similar labels, PAA products used in processing not all the same
David Schwab, PhD, talked with Poultry Health Today about a recent 3-month study to evaluate the stability, potency and overall effectiveness of PAA — a widely used...
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Early feeding, housing may affect broiler response to immune challenges
Early feeding after hatch and the housing type can affect the response of broilers to immune challenges later in life, indicates a study from the Netherlands.
Gut Health
Gross coccidial lesion scores appear to predict microscores
Gross coccidial lesion scores appear to be predictors of microscores, Miguel Barrios, a graduate student at the University of Georgia, said at the 2015 International Poultry Scientific Forum.
Poultry R&D
Hens in enriched colony system appear more stressed, flighty
Hens in an enriched colony system were more stressed and flighty than conventionally caged birds in a study from Mississippi State and Texas A&M Universities.
Expert Advice
Antibiotic issues broaden poultry veterinarians’ role
By Philip A. Stayer, DVM, MS, ACPV Corporate Veterinarian Sanderson Farms, Inc.
Infectious Diseases
Vigilance key for limiting avian flu risk
European officials are urging poultry producers to review of the signs and symptoms of avian flu and biosecurity measures for containing it.
Safe Poultry
Poultry companies need to balance consumer preferences with flock health, welfare and food safety
Suzanne Dougherty, DVM, a consulting poultry veterinarian based in Alabama, talks with Poultry Health Today about the challenges of reducing or even eliminating antibiotics in broiler production while maintaining flock welfare and ensuring safe food for consumers.
Poultry sector must adapt to “antibiotic-free” demands
US poultry producers must start to prepare for producing birds without the use of antibiotics, according to a leading poultry scientist.
Broiler immunity develops too little, too late to fight campylobacter
In the first-ever study of functional immunity to campylobacter in chickens, research by the University of Liverpool found that antibodies play a key role in clearing the bacteria from the gut, reports Poultry World.
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