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Magazine – Issue 3

Poultry Health Today issue 3









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Cover Stories

Special Report

  • Industry roundtable: Raising poultry without antibiotics - Antibiotic-free poultry production remains uncharted territory that’s yielding varied results, a few surprises and an ethical dilemma for veterinarians, poultry experts said at an industry roundtable held in July 2014.
  • Keys to successful ABF production - Poultry health experts at a recent industry roundtable offered these suggestions for successful antibiotic-free production
  • What poultry is really raised without antibiotics? - A variety of terms are used to describe poultry raised without antibiotics. Some are USDA approved and verified, but others are not. Here’s a look at what consumers are seeing in their meat cases, according to a recent industry roundtable.


Sound Science


Words & Numbers

The Last Word

  • Editorial: The animal doctor’s dilemma - Today, some poultry veterinarians are being asked to avoid using antibiotics that have been reviewed, approved and licensed for use in poultry and other species by the US FDA.
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