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Sponsored by Zoetis

Sponsored By Zoetis


VFD News Center targets poultry vets, feed-mill managers, producers

Zoetis has teamed up with the editors of Poultry Health Today to produce the VFD News Center — an online news hub to help the US poultry industry prepare for the new veterinary feed directive requirements that take effect Jan. 1, 2017.

The VFD News Center will be presented as a special edition of PoultryHealthyToday.com and be accessed either through VFDnewscenter.com or any page of the parent website.

“Much has been said and written about the veterinary feed directive over the past 2 years, but there’s still considerable confusion about which medications are affected, as well as the roles and responsibilities of veterinarians, feed mill managers and producers,” said Jon Schaeffer, DVM, director of poultry technical services for Zoetis.

“The VFD News Center was developed specifically to help the poultry industry better understand the nuances of the VFD and, most importantly, what the key players in the process need to do now to ensure a smooth transition,” Schaeffer added.

Zoetis, the exclusive sponsor of the VFD News Center, is a leading producer of feed medications, vaccines, biodevices and food-safety products for the US poultry industry.

In addition to presenting news and updates about the VFD and articles about responsible antibiotic use, the engaging, colorful website contains several features designed to cut through the clutter of official documents. For example:

VFD Extra focuses on key points of government publications and Q&As.

VFD Quiz is an interactive feature to test visitors’ knowledge and then link them them to specific publications for more information.

VFD Library provides a complete set of helpful reference documents and brochures.

VFD Countdown features a timeclock to remind visitors of how many days, hours and minutes they have to get ready.

The VFD News Center will also issue periodic news updates to keep poultry veterinarians, feed-mill managers and producers posted on the latest news and insights on implementing the VFD.

Click here for a free subscription to this and Poultry Health Today’s weekly updates.

Posted on March 16, 2016

  • Antibiotic-free poultry production: Is it sustainable on a large scale?

    Phil Stayer, DVM, head veterinarian at Sanderson Farms, is worried about what he calls an "anti-technology movement" directed at the US poultry industry, particularly as it relates to veterinary care and the use of FDA-approved medications. In this interview with...

  • It’s official: FDA implements GFI #213, paving way for new VFD rules

    After years of planning, FDA said it has completed implementation of what it calls Guidance for Industry #213 — a process that requires antimicrobials with importance in human medicine to be used under veterinary oversight when added to the feed or drinking water of...

  • Straight talk with FDA about the VFD in poultry

    Dan McChesney, PhD, director of surveillance and compliance for FDA’s Center of Veterinary Medicine, recently visited with Poultry Health Today to talk about the new VFD regulations and their impact on poultry veterinarians, feed mills and producers.

  • Webinar to examine new VFD rules for poultry, livestock

    An interactive webinar to help the poultry and livestock industries understand the FDA’s new rules for the Veterinary Feed Directive (VFD) has been set for Wednesday, June 17, at 2 pm EDT.

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