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Sponsored by Zoetis

Sponsored By Zoetis

PHTweb Schaeffer Article

Free booklet offers insights for addressing IBH in broilers

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Poultry veterinarians throughout the US broiler industry are reporting a re-emergence of inclusion body hepatitis (IBH). The disease, caused by fowl adenovirus (FAdV), often strikes with little warning and can result in high mortality and significant economic losses for producers.

“The most common FAdV serotype appears to be 8b, but other serotypes have been found in IBH-affected flocks,” said Jon Schaeffer, DVM, PhD, director of poultry technical services at Zoetis. “Complicating matters, IBH transmission is sometimes vertical and sometimes horizontal. It also may present as a primary or secondary disease.”

Overall, much remains unknown about the epidemiology of IBH.

To help the industry address this ongoing challenge, Zoetis organized a roundtable — “IBH: Managing an emerging immunosuppressive disease of broilers.” The 2-hour session brought together poultry company veterinarians with first-hand IBH experience and academicians who’ve studied the disease.

During the discussion, the panelists addressed such topics as possible causes of IBH, the role of immunity, diagnostic challenges and the use of autogenous vaccines. They also offered practical tips for managing IBH-affected broiler flocks.

“Among the recommendations to protect flocks against IBH, the panelists emphasized the importance of establishing foundational immunity in both breeders and broilers by vaccinating against predisposing immunosuppressive viruses, especially those that cause Marek’s disease and infectious bursal disease,” Schaeffer said.

Poultry Health Today editors have developed a booklet with highlights of the roundtable discussion. For a free copy, click here.


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The US broiler industry is seeing a re-emergence of inclusion body hepatitis, a deadly disease that can strike with little warning. Veterinarians and academics have shared insights and management tips – download our free booklet to learn more.

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Posted on July 14, 2022

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