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VFD News Center


Spooked by the VFD? Visit the VFD News Center

Veterinarians, feed-mill managers and producers haunted by the new veterinary feed directive (VFD) rules don’t need to hire paranormal investigators to chase away their fears.

Simply visit Poultry Health Today’s VFD News Center — the only VFD information site focused solely on the poultry industry.

“Much has been said and written about the VFD over the past 2 years, but there’s still considerable confusion about which medications are affected, as well as the roles and responsibilities of veterinarians, feed mill managers and producers,” said Jon Schaeffer, DVM, director of poultry technical services for Zoetis, which sponsors the news website.

“The VFD News Center was developed specifically to help the poultry industry better understand the nuances of the VFD and, most importantly, what the key players in the process need to do now to ensure a smooth transition,” Schaeffer added.

In addition to presenting news and updates about the VFD and articles about responsible antibiotic use, the engaging, colorful website contains several features designed to cut through the clutter of official documents. For example: 

    • VFD Extra focuses on key points of government publications and Q&As.


    • VFD Quiz is an interactive feature to test visitors’ knowledge and then link them to specific publications for more information.


    • VFD Library provides a complete set of helpful reference documents and brochures.


    • VFD Countdown features a timeclock to remind visitors of how many days, hours and minutes they have to get ready.


The VFD News Center issues periodic news updates to keep poultry veterinarians, feed-mill managers and producers posted on the latest news and insights on implementing the VFD. To subscribe, click here.


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  • Measuring success of the Veterinary Feed Directive

    Poultry Health Today interviews David Edwards, PhD, Director, Division of Animal Feeds, FDA Center for Veterinary Medicine at the 2017 IPPE.

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    Issuing a veterinary feed directive (VFD) involves more than just completing a form and sending it to the producer and feed mill. Veterinarians need to have 14 key ingredients on hand to include in the VFD.

  • Documenting diagnoses: What are FDA’s expectations for VFD medications?

    The updated veterinary feed directive (VFD) rule does not specifically define how veterinarians writing VFDs must document their clinical diagnoses, according to an FDA veterinarian.

  • Producers eye vaccines, sanitation, biosecurity following new VFD rules

    Increased use of vaccines and better sanitation and biosecurity are the two most common changes livestock and poultry producers are making in response to the loss of shared use antibiotics imposed by the updated veterinary feed directive that took effect on January 1,...

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