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NCC glossary brings clarity to chicken labeling

Consumer confusion about chicken labeling has prompted the National Chicken Council to develop an online glossary of terms often found on chicken meat labels.

In a national survey, 62% of over 1,000 adults surveyed said chicken labels and packaging were confusing.

Presented as a colorful infographic, the NCC provides fact-based descriptions about the terms — fresh, organic, natural, enhanced — often found on chicken packages.

Consumers will gain a better understanding of terms related to the type of bird as well as information about what chickens are fed, the types of housing chickens are raised in and more, which will empower them to make informed, fact-based purchasing decisions, NCC says.

“We believe in giving the consumer choices in the type of chicken they want,” said NCC spokesperson Tom Super.

“However, what this research shows is that the terms used for those choices can be confusing. This glossary addresses that confusion and arms the consumer with the information they need to continue choosing safe, affordable and healthy chicken.”

The glossary can be found on NCC’s Chicken Check-in.

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